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Incontinence test: Am I incontinent?

Have you ever had wet underwear and been unsure if it is a result of urine leakage, discharge or maybe just sweat? Take this test to find out the answer!

Do I have urine leakage?

Usually, you notice yourself if you have incontinence and if it affects your everyday life. Common symptoms of urine incontinence include: You leak urine or cannot hold it when you feel like you have to pee. You need to pee often, both during the day and night. You leak small or large amounts of urine when you perform physically strenuous activities.

Urine leakage can also have underlying causes such as diseases, pregnancy or prolapse which increases the risk of leaking. Here you can read more about what can cause urine incontinence.

Urine leakage or discharge?

Sometimes you may be unsure if you are leaking urine or if it is just discharge. If you have a lot of discharge, it may give the feeling of peeing yourself, but urine and discharge usually differ in both colour and consistency. Discharge from the vagina comes out as a white or transparent slimy fluid, thicker than urine. The colour changes when in contact with oxygen and becomes more yellow or brown looking. It varies from woman to woman how much discharge you get, and it often decreases with age. Discharge is completely normal and is an important part of keeping your vagina clean and protected against infections. If you notice that the discharge would change, for example get grainy, change colour, or increase in amount, it may be because of a disease. You should then seek medical care to investigate what the change is due to.

Take our incontinence quiz below to find out what type of incontinence you have.

Incontinence test

Write down your answers (yes/no) to the following questions:

Do you experience urine leakage…

  1. When you cough or sneeze?
  2. When you bend down or lift something up?
  3. When you walk fast, jog or work out?
  4. While you get undressed to go to the toilet?
  5. Do you get a strong urge to pee causing you to leak urine (even small drops) or pee yourself before you reach the toilet?
  6. Do you need to run to the toilet when you get a sudden urge to pee?


  • If you answered yes to question 1-3 and no to question 4-6 it is likely that you have stress incontinence.
  • If you answered no to question 1-3 and yes to question 4-6 it is likely that you have urge incontinence.
  • If you answered yes to some of the questions 1-3 and some of the questions 4-6 it is likely that you have mixed incontinence.


You should seek medical care if you experience problems with urine leakage – there is help!


Written by:
Hanna Leander,
professional drip queen                                 
Reviewed by:
Klara Rasmusson,
licensed nurse


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