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Easy to use and position correctly

The Efemia Bladder Support is simple to insert, remove and use. Thanks to its design and material you can easily start using the product in the comfort of your own home, without any assistance from health care professionals. You can use the product occasionally or daily for three months.

Here’s more information about how to use the product!

What you’ll find on this page

How it works

The device is inserted into the vagina until the handle rests tight up against the pubic bone/perineum and the support rings are completely through the vaginal opening, just like a tampon. The labia then cover the handle.

What happens inside your body?

When pressure is placed on the bladder the mid-urethra is pushed lightly against Efemia’s support rings, making it bend so leakage is reduced or stops altogether.

Design of the product

Product design

Support rings

The upper part consists of two support rings. These support the mid-urethra through the front vaginal wall when there is a sudden increase in pressure on the abdomen and bladder.


When there is a sudden increase in intra-abdominal pressure, the mid-section ensures there is sufficient support in the rings. It also ensures that the rings are positioned against the mid-urethra. Thanks to its triangular shape, it can be both thin and remain stable.


The handle remains outside the body. It keeps the device in place and makes it easier to remove.

Find the right size

There are three sizes: 30 mm, 35 mm och 40 mm.

How do I know which size I should use?

Best thing to do is simply try and see. Start with the smallest size and see if it works for you. If it doesn’t, go up a size. And, even if the smallest size does works for you, it might be an idea to try a larger size for comparison’s sake.


How to use the product

1. Preparation

a. Make sure your bladder is empty and wash your hands with soap and water.

b. Take the device out of the packaging and rinse it with water. This reduces friction and makes it easier to insert into the vagina.

c. Find a comfortable position, if standing, slightly bending the knees may help.

I have my period, can I use the Efemia Bladder Support?

Yes, you can use it when menstruating. Just remember it won’t help halt your flow.

2. Insertion

a. Hold Efemia so that the back of the handle points towards the perineum. Insert the device into your vagina at a slightly upward angle.

b. Push the device in until the handle rests tight up against your pubic bone/perineum. Allow the labia to cover the handle.

Will it cause chafing when inserting or during use?

If you feel it cause some irritation or chafe on your labia or inside the vagina, you can try applying some water-based lubricant.

3. Removal

a. If possible, empty your bladder before removal.

b. Grip the outer part of the handle and pull gently, but steadily until the device comes out.

How do I remove the Efemia Bladder Support successfully?

If needed, empty your bladder before removal. Grip the outer part of the handle and pull gently but steadily until the device comes out. If you feel resistance or a sense of vacuum when trying to remove it, try to insert your finger next to the Efemia Bladder Support, pressing it to one side whilst wiggling it a little, so air can pass through and break the seal the vacuum has created.

4. Cleaning after use 

Clean the device using any of the following methods:

1. Rinse with water for immediate reuse.

2. Boil in water for 10 minutes and allow to air dry.

3. Cleanse with water and soap, preferably a soap for intimate use. Rinse thoroughly to remove all soap and allow to air dry.

Why should the product air dry?

If you allow the device to air dry you will avoid lint from paper or towels ending up on the device.

Quick guide

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Instructions for use

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Any questions or can’t find what you’re looking for?

Please reach out to us if you have any questions or can’t find the information you are seeking. We appreciate your feedback.