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Can I use Efemia Bladder Support for urge incontinence?

– Efemia is not intended to be used for urge incontinence and is therefore not clinically tested for the condition.

Can I use the Efemia Bladder Support if I have my period?

– Yes, but remember it will not help halt your flow, only help with your incontinence.

Can I use the Efemia Bladder Support when I go for a run or work out?

– Yes.

How many times can I re-use the product?

– You can re-use the device as many times as you need up to 16 hours per day during the 3 month lifetime of the product.

I know you recommend a water-based lubricant, but can I use a silicone or oil-based lubricant instead?

– We recommend water-based lubricants because that is the best option for the device.

I’m pregnant and I want to use the Efemia Bladder Support, can I?

– We have not tested it on pregnant women, so we can’t recommend that you use it.

Why do I have to replace the device every 3 months?

– Although the Efemia Bladder Support is made from a very durable material, the device must also handle the acidic environment of the vagina, being cleaned, as well as the use of lubricants and vaginal creams. By replacing it every three months, you can be sure that the device works as it should.

Why has my device changed from transparent to yellowish?

– The device will get a slight yellow tint over time. However, if the change is sudden, or the colour very yellow, we recommend that you replace it with a new device.

Why should I let my device air dry?

– Silicone loves lint and dust! If you let the device air dry you will avoid fibre from paper or towels ending up on the device.