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Insertion, positioning and removal

How do I know which size I should use?

– If you’re not sure, it’s best simply to test and see, starting with the smallest size. If it doesn’t work for you, go up a size. And, even if the smallest size does works for you, it might be an idea to try a larger size for comparison’s sake. Smaller doesn’t always mean more comfortable. We offer a start-set with all three sizes of Efemia to help you take the time you need to find out which works best for you and do so in the comfort of your own home.

How do I remove the Efemia Bladder Support successfully?

– If needed, empty your bladder before removal. Grip the outer part of the handle and pull gently but steadily until the device comes out. If you feel resistance or a sense of vacuum when trying to remove it, try to insert your finger next to the Efemia Bladder Support, pressing it to one side whilst wiggling it a little, so air can pass through and break the seal the vacuum has created.

Where’s it supposed to sit?

– The Efemia Bladder Support is inserted into the vagina. The rings or discs at the top of the device support the mid-urethra through the vaginal wall. It’s crucial to ensure that they have passed through the vaginal opening, a couple of centimetres inside the vagina and that the handle remains outside, resting tight up against your body, letting the labia cover it.