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Would you like to know more about the Efemia Bladder Support?

Here are the most common questions and answers about the product.

How do you get a prescription for the Efemia Bladder Support? Who can prescribe it?

– In Sweden, you first have to talk to your health centre. To have the product prescribed, the county/region that runs the centre must have it in their product assortment.

I’m pregnant and I want to use the Efemia Bladder Support, can I?

– We have not tested it on pregnant women, so we can’t recommend that you use it.

How do you know that you need a vaginal support? When will pelvic floor exercises help?

– It’s not easy to know. It can take some time before pelvic floor exercises produce results, so it’s essential to keep at it. However, it’s fair to expect that you’ll keep improving. The Efemia Bladder Support can be an option for you until you feel the desired effect from your pelvic floor exercises. You can also train other muscles without worrying about bladder leaks.

What’s the difference between Contrelle, a TVT-operation and the Efemia Bladder Support?

– Contrelle supports the bladder neck, and therefore functions differently to the Efemia Bladder Support, which supports the urethra. Contrelle is a disposable product, whereas the Efemia Bladder Support can be used for three months. TVT is a surgical method where a sling is placed under the urethra to provide support. The Efemia Bladder Support and TVT support the urethra in the same place.

Live an active life without worry

The Efemia Bladder Support has been shown to be effective.In a clinical study where the participants provoked leakage by jumping and coughing, the Efemia Bladder Support reduced urine leakage by an average of 77%. (Ref TVS1000)

What does the product do for me?

With the Efemia Bladder Support you can live an active life without worrying about bladder leaks. You don’t have to limit yourself and can get on with your daily activities without fearing leakage.

Lev ett aktivt liv

77 % average reduction in urine leakage

More studies 

A post-market study showed that 83% of the participants found that the Efemia Bladder Support eases their daily life (Ref TVS3000) and in a follow-up study of the women from the clinical study, 4 out of 5 would recommend the product to others. (Ref TVS2000).

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